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Shower Benches

Marblecast offers two ways to build a bench in your shower. Each bench is made to order so all pieces can be customized to the size you need.

Corner Bench


The three piece corner bench is a floating bench. It usually comes in 18" x 18" or 24" x 24", but this can be customized. The bench comes with three panels: a top 3/4" seat, a 3/8" front panel, and a 3/8" bottom panel. This bench is supported by a two by four frame built by your contractor and then our panels simply cover it.

Full Bench


The full bench comes in any size you need. The full bench does not sit inside of the shower. It requires a two by four frame built underneath. The bench is usually 12" to 14" deep. As an example if your shower opening is 60" long and you wanted a 12" bench you would order a 48" shower base and a 12" bench.


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